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Minor in Peace Studies

Students wishing to obtain an Interdisciplinary Minor in Peace Studies must complete a minimum of 18 hours of courses in Peace Studies, including at least six hours of upper level courses. They must complete PSCI 3500 Introduction to Peace Studies, and at least one course from each of these three areas:

  • Determinants of Violence
  • Conflict Management
  • Issues of Justice

Courses offered which satisfy the requirements in each of these areas are listed below:

Determinants of Violence
ANTH 4600 Topics in Physical Anthropology (When it is The Anthropology of Terrorism, or another appropriate topic)
ANTH 4610 Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology (When it is Anthropology of War and Conflict, or another appropriate topic)
HIST 4260 (when the topic is appropriate)
PSCI 3100 (when the topic is appropriate)
PSCI 4640 Revolution and Political Violence
PSCI 4700 (when the topic is appropriate)
PSCI 4820 (when topic is appropriate, i.e., International Conflict, Ethnic Conflict).

Conflict Management
AECO 2120 Mediation
AECO 4120 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
COMM 2025 Communication in Conflict Management
PSCI 4820 (when it is International Conflict Resolution, or another appropriate topic)
HIST 4260 (when the topic is appropriate)

Issues of Justice
ANTH 2035 Urban Poverty
ANTH 4050 Contemporary Ethnic Groups
ECON 3150 Economics of Discrimination
HIST 3150 Historical and Cultural Development of the Mexican American Community
HIST 4260 (when the topic is appropriate)
HIST 4440 African American History and Culture to 1900
HIST 4450 African-American History and Culture Since 1900
HIST 4780 Indian Policy in American History
PSCI 3100 (when it is on Civil Rights, or another appropriate topic)
PSCI 4210 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
PSCI 4490 (When topic is appropriate, i.e., Poverty in America)
PSCI 4620 Political Change
PSCI 4520 International Human Rights
PSCI 4630 Military in Politics
PSCI 4800 The Politics of International Organization
PSCI 4810 International Law
PSCI 4820 (when course topic is appropriate, i.e., International Conflict)
SOCI 3300 Social Stratification
SOCI 4160 Developing Societies
SOCI 4540 Race and Ethnic Minorities

Peace Studies Electives
Any of the following courses above may also be taken to fulfill the other six hours not involved in fulfilling the requirements outlined above:
AECO 4820 Dispute Resolution in the Workplace
AECO 4420 Practicum in Mediation and Dispute Resolution
HIST 4070 World War II
HIST 4260 Korea Vietnam and the American Military Experience; other appropriate topics
HIST 4350 Europe in the Age of Dictators 1914-1945
HIST 4650 Evolution of Warfare to Napoleon
HIST 4660 Evolution of Warfare from Napoleon
PSCI 3810 International Relations
SOCI 4750 World Population Trends and Problems

Practicums in any other field (e.g., PSCI 3910; SOCI 4920; ECON 4920; ANTH 4920) where the experience is approved by the Director of the Peace Studies Program as being related to the Peace Studies field, and appropriate Special Project classes as approved by the Director.

Students interested in the Peace Studies Interdiciplanary Minor should contact Dr. David Mason, the program director by either calling the Political Science Department (940) 565-2386 or by email at masontd@unt.edu

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