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Peace Studies Scholarships

The Peace Studies Program offers scholarship opportunities for students interested in pursuing a Major, Interdiciplinary Minor, or Certificate in Peace Students. A description to each of the scholarships is below:

Aileen Andrew Peace Internship Scholarships
The Aileen Andrew Scholarship was established by the Andrew Family Foundation. This Stipend, of up to $1000, is designed to support internships in the field of Peace Studies. Recipients of the stipend should be pursuing an education in Peace Studies at the University of North Texas, have a 3.0 GPA, and have junior standing at the time of the start of the internship.

Oscar Arias Peace Studies Scholarship
Established by a donation from Nobel Peace Laureate and former President of Costa Rica, the Oscar Arias Peace Studies Scholarship is intended for graduate or undergraduate students in Political Science who have a special emphasis on peace studies.

The Robert C. Wahrmund Peace Studies Scholarship
The Robert C. Wahrmund Peace Studies Scholarship was established with a generous donation from the Trustees of the former Quakerland Friends Community. The Wahrmund Scholarship fund provides two scholarships of $500 each to freshmen or sophomores with a commitment to earning a Peace Studies minor, a Peace Studies certificate, or an International Studies major with an concentration in Peace Studies. Subject to the availability of funds, each year one scholarship will be offered to an in-coming freshman and one to a sophomore. Freshman recipients are eligible for a second year of the scholarship if they are chosen as the recipient of the sophomore scholarship.

Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship
We are pleased to announce that the Castleberry Peace Institute is ready to accept applications for our new scholarship, the Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship. The Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer scholarship will be awarded to one advanced student each year who is working on peace related projects, human rights work, engaged in applied research/scholarship and similar types of activities that are basically aimed at making the world a better place. The scholarship is for $4000.00 and is for one year. Please click here for an application for the Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship.

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