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Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship

Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship

The Castleberry Peace Institute is pleased to announce the new Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship. The Trailblazer Scholarship supports advanced students who have demonstrated an aptitude for leadership on political, economic social issues especially as they pertain to the role of women in local, national and international efforts to advance peace and justice, especially in areas and countries where there are critical needs.


The following criteria are required for consideration for the Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship: Students should have earned at least 60 semester credit hours and will not be graduating until May of the subsequent academic year; 2) have at least a 3.0 overall grade point average; 3) have a documented interest and involvement in work related to peacebuilding and have demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for leadership.

Application process

Students must provide the following to apply for the scholarship: 1) completed application form; 2) unofficial transcripts; 3) at least two letters of reference that speak to their leadership potential and experience, desire to make a difference in the world, and their plans to pursue a career in leadership involving issues of peace and justice; 4) a statement of purpose regarding the student's interest, experience and plans for a project to be pursued during the Scholarship year.

The Statement of Purpose will describe 1) the student's interest and experience in leadership on issues pertaining to peace and justice; and 2) a project the student will complete during the academic year of the scholarship that is expected to have an impact on peace and justice in the local community, state, US or another country. The project should live up to the spirit of Vivian Castleberry who was a trailblazing journalist and peacemaker who sought to cultivate leaders throughout her life who went on to make a difference in the world. The project envisioned in the Statement of Purpose may be an ongoing or new project; done alone or with a group; and may or may not be entirely complete at the end of the academic year for which the student is awarded the scholarship. Examples of such projects might include: 1) starting a project to help the homeless in Denton; 2) taking on a leadership role in a community organization to help abused women and children; 3) organizing a supply drive to help immigrants seeking asylum in the US; 4) engaging in similar such projects in other countries; and other topics that students might wish to assume a leadership position. Students should consult with Prof. Meernik ( if they have any questions about the suitability of a project.


Awardees are expected to present their final and finished proposal to CPI Director by September 1 of the academic year in which the student is an awardee. Awardees will work and consult with the Director of the Castleberry Peace Institute on a weekly basis. Failure to maintain satisfactory progress on the project because of missed meetings, failure to do work or other problems may result in revocation of the scholarship. No later than April 30 of the scholarship year, awardees will present to the Director of the Castleberry Peace Institute and other stakeholders their completed project. The form the project takes-- community work, research paper, documentary, etc. will determine the nature of the submission. Every spring semester during the month of April student award winners are required to make a formal presentation to the university and local community on what they have accomplished during their scholarship year. The CPI Director will arrange the day and venue for the presentation.

Selection Process

Awardees will be selected by a committee whose membership will be representative of the fields of Political Science and chosen by the Director of the Castleberry Peace Institute in consultation with the Department Chair and the Johnie Christian Family Peace Professor.

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