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Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights Lecture Series

The Peace Studies Program has sponsored an annual lecture series, designed primarily to expose the interested public in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to expert insights on current policy issues in the area of peace, democracy, and global development. Over the last three years, the Program has sponsored or co-sponsored some twenty presentations addressing such issues as terrorism and counter-terrorism after 9-11, winning the peace in Iraq, and Afghanistan, human rights and the war on terror, U.S. policy toward North Korea, and other issues.

General John T. Furlow, Texas Army National Guard
"Peacekeeping Operations"

"Iraq Today and Tomorrow: Peace, Politics, and Insurgency"
featuring Dr. Michael Greig, Dr. Nancy Stockdale, Dr. David Mason, University of North Texas
(Co-sponsored with UNT's Model International Organization)

Petra Kolar, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Czech Republic
"Czech Republic and the European Union"

Rick Halperin, Southern Methodist University and Amnesty International
"Genocide(s), Rwanda, and Conscience"

"Women Waging Peace", co-Sponsored with UNT Women's Studies Program
Featuring: Saffia Meek, Council on American-Islamic Relations, DFW Chapter; Susybelle Gosslee, Third International Peace Conference for Women
Laray Polk, Dallas Peace Center, Women in Black

Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army, Ret.
"Dissent in a Democracy"
(co-sponsored with Peace Action Denton as party of their annual Peace-In; collaborating with community groups such as Peace Action Denton is part of our outreach mission to develop stronger ties with relevant community groups)

John McTernan, Political Secretary to Prime Minister Tony Blair
"Peace Through Institution Building: Ireland to Iraq"

Robert Jensen, Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
"Citizens of the Empire: The Struggle to Claim Our Humanity". Co-Sponsored with Peace Action Denton

Dr. Amer Al-Tameeni and Dr. Sami Al-Faraj
"The New Era in Kuwait" Co-Sponsored with UNT International Studies Program

Anna Baltzer
"Report from the Occupied Territories of Palestine", Co-Sponsored with Peace Action Denton

The Honourable Bruce George, Ph.D., Member of Parliament, United Kingdom
"Iraq Before and after the Election "

The Honourable Bruce George, Ph.D., Member of Parliament, United Kingdom
"Democratization and International Security: The Role of Election Monitoring." Co-Sponsored with Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations

Dr. Mab Huang, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Chang Fo-Chuan Center for the Study of Human Rights, Soochow University (Taipei, Republic of China)
"Radical Evil and Transitional Justice: Kant, Arendt and Nino"

Dr. Alan Udoff, Professor of Philosophy and Religious StudiesSt. Francis College
"The Sanctification of Life: Spiritual Resistance in the Holocaust"
Co-sponsored with UNT Jewish Studies Program, the Departments of English, Foreign Languages, History, and Philosophy and Religion Studies, and UNT Hillel

Sascha Muller-Kraener, Director for Europe and North America, Heinrich Boll Foundation
"The Constitutional Framework of the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy: Impacts for Transatlantic Partnership"

Mark Gibney, Belk Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of North Carolina-Asheville
"How to Save the World in Four Easy Steps: Fulfilling the Promise of Human Rights"

The Honourable Jeffrey Donaldson, Member of the British Parliament
"The Prospects for Peace in Northern Ireland"

Roundtable: "Perspectives on the Peace Process: the Case of Northern Ireland"
with Jeffrey Donaldson, Member of Parliament, Great Britain
Current and Former Johnie Christian Family Peace Professors:
Steven Poe, John Booth, David Mason, UNT Department of Political Science

Ray McGovern, former CIA Analyst
"Speaking the Truth to Power", Co-sponsored with Peace Action Denton

Dr. Bruno Tertrais, Senior Research Fellow at the Fondation Pour La Recherche Strategique
"Are France and the United States Still Allies?", Co-Sponsored with the American Council on Germany

Dr. Han S. Park, Director, Center for the Study of Global Affairs, University of Georgia
"U.S. Policy Toward North Korea"

Dr. Ayla Schbley, Washburn University
"Religious Terrorism: A Profile of Future Threats"

Nancy Sanchez Mendez, Human Rights Advocate and Winner of Prestigious Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award
"Colombians Tell Their Story: the Real Impact of U.s. Foreign Policy ",Co-Sponsored with Peace Action Denton

Major General Lewis MacKenzie

Nobel Laureate Oscar Arias